"We teach more than a language, we teach a culture."

OGC2Go unlocks the key to learning a language with cultural lessons created by native instructors from around the world. We provide on-the-go language practice through self-paced online courses and one-to-one virtual certified native instructors.

Language learning for all

OGC has helped all types of language learners reach their goals.


Empower your employees to speak and work confidently across language barriers, with industry-specific lessons and vocabulary.


Our tried and tested curriculum and engaging mobile app makes it easy and fun to learn a new language.

Want to track your progress?

Try out our FREE Beginners Spanish Assessment to see your level of Spanish prior to course. Test throughout the course and you will be shocked at how much you can learn in just a few lessons!


What clients say...


"The tutors at Online Global Classroom are completely adaptable and receptive to your needs. They teach you what you want to learn and help you to get a conversational grasp of the language! Learning a language without anyone to speak it to can be very difficult, but OGC gives you an opportunity to start using the language with your instructor right away. I love it!"


"Online Global Classroom has helped me to smooth out the rough edges of my speech. I was able to fill in some gaps I had in my language-learning journey!"


"The Spanish 2 Course with OGC has been a game changer for me in my language journey. Prior to starting the course, I knew the basics in Spanish, but I felt like I was stuck and wasn't making much progress. Within a few weeks however, I noticed my communication in Spanish was clearer and I was able to remember and put into practice new linguistics learned."

Translation and Proofreading Services

Spanish | French | English

Depending on your project, we offer you different levels of service to choose from, with an option to choose industry-specific expertise that fits your needs.

Our prices are based on different factors and we will need to receive the documents or a sample that need translation or proofing in order to prepare an accurate quote.